You could be reading: Cinder

In my eternal quest for unique and interesting Speculative Fiction, my most recent find is a cool retelling of a familiar story. Cinder is actually

ICON 2017: A video recap

Last weekend’s ICON 2017 marked the 25th anniversary of South Africa’s longest-running comics, gaming and popular culture convention. It was also the second year that

Online reviews really do matter

The guys often tease me about my Zomato fascination. Why would I review restaurants, take pictures of food or whatever else? Mostly, it’s because I

ICON 2017 cosplay showcase

What would a geeky convention or expo be without its cosplay component? Certainly a lot less colourful and cheerful. Whether you’re dressed up and recognised

#AcerForGaming: a smashing success

As social creatures, we always tend to gravitate towards like-minded people. Those that share our interests and hobbies. But, when your interests are seen as